Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I love when he's home ..

Mike has a super crazy schedule this week and next and wait.. probably for the next month!! :( So he had a random monday off!!! Which was great! I love spending time with him! Monday morning I had to work at 1 but we went to breakfast to say farewell to our friend Derrick [the old bakery manager] it was alot of fun. It just the family, which is always the BEST. They are all wonderful! I dressed up Olivia for Derrick. LOL Mike also discovered she can stand up on her own next to the couch! We clapped and cheered for her at which she got really excited and fell down on the bum. lol, but she still had a big smile on her face!

Thanks for the dress Grandma Nancy!! :) After I got the dress out of her "big girl" box i realized I should of opened it a couple months ago. She had jammies that are already almost too small [for the record, i never actually believe she would be as long as the 6 month pj's] She has all kinds of new clothes in her drawers! :) And 4 sets of dinosaur pajamas! Thanks daddy! AND! She fits in her 9m onesie set.. holy moley..

This week we also started wheat cereal! She likes it just as much! Next week, I think we are going to take the plunge and do actually food. Carrots sound yummy :)

My project next week is to start making some of her food! I'm really looking forward to it! I think she will benefit from it and we will too. It will be alot of fun. I just have to get her use to her highchair.

Mike went out and about for a little bit, while Olivia was napping. He came home fairly happy which means he did something! He meets me in the kitchen and shows me his fuel injector stuff? and our printer paper and goes "I bought a tent" and after the fiasco at Bi-Mart I didnt think we would ever get our tent. Well he got the 6 person one instead! We got this baby for 72 bucks! We had nothing better to do yesterday then put it up! It was so easy to do and probably only took a good 10 minutes! :) It had ALOT of room inside, it should its 14ft long....

For the record, a small human can fit through that "doggie" door.. OH and the silly thing is, there is an extension cord slot on the side of the tent incase Mike really needs a cold beer, he can have his mini fridge set up inside.... lol

Over all, it will work perfect for all of us. And when we have another little bug, her/him and Olivia can have one side and we can have the other. :) So these next couple weeks, Mike and I are trying to go camping for a night! :) And I will admit one of the reason I wanted to put it up so bad was so I could see his cute bum...

{I can hear my mom now, "Ashlee, I dont want to know this"} HAHAHAH! LOVE YOU MOM!

God Bless!!


The Juenemanns said...

Oh my goodness Olivia looks like such a big girl in that beautiful dress and standing. I wish we were closer and could make baby food together :). I made some last weekend and we just tried some out of the freezer today.

The Juenemanns said...

...and I'm so excited about your new tent. I hope you guys can get some camping in soon.