Sunday, August 3, 2008

Just some random stuff

Such a big, pretty girl! Olivia is growing like a weed. :( I cant help but wish that I could grasp the time and make it stop. She is such a wonderful baby. She loves me! I cant help but feel one hundred percent blessed to have her in my life. This morning she sat on my lap while I surfed the internet. She had her lovey in one hand and her thumb in her mouth and she just sat. :)

She is eating Carrots now!! I dont know how to upload video or I would. [heather??] She seems to LOVE them. It's so cute when she gets all excited and moved her arms and kicks her legs. It is a success! Of course, she IS our daughter so it's only right that she LOVES food... :) :)

That's all for now... My mommy is coming over monday!!!!!!!!!! :) hooray! I love her. And Mike and I will have a date on tuesday! OooOoO! :)

God Bless!

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The Juenemanns said...

Are you trying to upload the video from your digital camera? If so, I found the easiest way is to just upload it into a picasa web album like you do your normal pics. It will run from there and you can just post the link on your blog. If that doesn't work let me know. I can't wait to see the video. If you're using a video camera, then I'd upload that to something like Youtube or Googlevideos.