Saturday, July 26, 2008

Some random stuff

Mike and I went to Yakima yesterday. We are in the market for a new desk for the computer so I can have my scrapbooking table back. We went all over and still didnt find one. Oh well, I will keep checking craigs list and garage sales. We did see this SUPER cute hat at Target for Olivia that I wanted to get her, I think I will wait til it goes on clearance. It's spf 55 and it looked SO cute on her. They had aqua socks that matched and a little swimmer shirt too!! Mike and I had a fun time! Spent too much money but really enjoyed being together. He even walked down all the aisles with me! He is too good! :)
I got some great frames for the living room and Olivia hat/mitten set for winter that is brand new and from Old Navy. It's cute and red and she looks cute in it and I think it's big enough to last her all winter! :) So garage sales weren't half bad :)
Now it's off to cut Hubby's hair :) I'm a pro! LOL
God Bless!

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The Juenemanns said...

aqua socks? Oh, I'd love to see her in a little swimsuit that hat and some aqua socks :)