Tuesday, September 2, 2008

SSL [sorry so late]

Face only a mother could love..

Things have been crazy around here. Of course, it was rodeo weekend here in Ellensburg. Mike had to work 10pm to 7am!! No joke. It wasn't very fun for any of us. On top of that i work everyday this weekend, except sunday. Throw in a 6 month old teether and you have a wammy of a weekend. :( :(

We have been greatly enjoying the cooler weather outside. It's been only about 80 degrees here and we are thankful for it. It helped Mike get to sleep during the day. Olivia and Dad got to hang outside and Olivia got to eat grass.
Olivia has 2 teeth!! Finally! They are on the bottom. She has been having a terrible time sleeping at night, poor girl. We give her childrens tylenol and the homeopathic teething tablets to help her through. They seem to work wonders. However, one day during her nap, we found her loving her giraffe. She has been sleeping with that giraffe since the day she got out of the hospital.

We got the joy of attending the fair! It was a lot of fun. We went on thursday and walked around. It wasn't even hot! Thank you Lord! Last year it was almost 100 degrees and I almost passed out. Mike got a chance to show me all the food that he tested as judge this year. Which made me feel very bad for him.. :( bleeeh! A girl that I work with, Bailey, let me pet her cow Karen!!!! It was so cool! :) No one got a picture of that of course! She was a very pretty cow, I guess Bailey shows her? I never knew..

All the animals were great! Olivia got to pet a goat!!! It was a little nerving. I didn't want the goat to bite her and then that would ruin her goat experience for life! But he was very gentle and you could tell he just wanted some attention! The goat before hand, SMILED AT ME!!!! I kid you not! He was very excited that I scratched his head!!! It was the cutest thing in the world.

Mike and I are officially buying a goat.

[when we have land and $$]

Olivia with the horses, this is one of my favorite pictures.

How cuuuute!

These piggies were holding hooves. Reminded me of Mike and I

Nicest goat ever!

I didn't take a picture but I found an Ellensburg Rodeo onesie at Goodwill a week before, she wore it, all she was missing was some pink cowboy boots :) :)

Hopefully this week will wind down, We are going to Port Orchard this weekend! MARINERS GAME ON FRIDAAaY!! Look for us, its an ESPN game ;) So stoked. Grandma is babysitting Olivia and Mike and I are hanging out with my Aunty and Uncle!!!!

This is Olivia playing with her blocks. She is a genius :) lol
That's it. I'm sure I have more but I need more coffee :)
God Bless!!

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