Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mariners Weekend

It seems lately, I've only been able to squeeze in weekly posts. I'm sorry. I've been kinda busy and Olivia leaves me little time to myself. She is becoming a little person. She is crawling all over the room, trying to get into everything she can :) Right now, she is trying to climb UP the bed. I kid you not. Walking soon? Lord, please help me.

I had a wonderful weekend with my family in Port Orchard! It was a blast. We road tripped with our bag full of goodies. And the essentials :

Crazy dip tongues!!

Yes, a sleepy Olivia is essential!!

Olivia spent the night with Grandma Rinn, while we went and played with Aunty and Uncle. We bought tickets to the mariners game like a YEAR ago and finally we got to go! We took the ferry, which I love, to west Seattle to meet Uncle Shawn. The ferry was awesome. It was cold, but we didn't mind because the view was GORGEOUS. My daddy is so lucky to get to ride the ferry everyday!

Me and Aunty

We got to eat dinner and then two $5 dollar coffees and a 8 dollar beer and we were READY! We were in section 347. You know where that is? All the way up top! But it was still AWESOME! There really isn't a bad seat at Safeco. We walked around and got cool foam fingers! YES! Aunty and I ran down a million steps just to get them! There was this fun thing at the Mariners Hall of Fame that you climb the wall and take a picture, we all did it! But of course, there was no lefty mitt, so I'm backwards.. :( But I was just excited that everyone did it! :) Oh my way with words :)

The mariners won! I got a little bored towards the end, but there isn't ALoT of action in baseball! :) Hopefully this will be tradition and every year we get to go with them :) That would be awesome! I think next year though, we are going to the Seahawks! YESS!!! And I will finally be old enough to enjoy an 8 dollar beer :) And you thought I was loud before..

These are my baseball feet. And what happens when I get bored :)

yes I bought my pants like that.

I've been scrapbooking like crazy. I am already to the page of taking Olivia home!! Thanks to all the grandma's that sent pictures my way! :) It helped out ALOT. That's all for now, I have to go and take care of Olivia who is REFUSING to take a nap.

God Bless!


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