Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Keeping up with the Archibalds

Olivia wanted to find her prince and thought kissing the porch decoration was a good idea.. I think she realized that Daddy was WAY better then anyone prince.

Then she decided to blow me away with her beauty. I cant believe how big and gorgeous she is growing up to be. I love that face. Look at those curls.. I'm so in love with this sweet girl.

Mommy and Daddy made a pretty important pinky promise. I hope everyone knows the importance of a pinky promise. It's huge.

We went and rooted for Cito! Tumwater made it to state! It was SO hot in Selah. We drank a lot of water and Olivia had a blast playing on the bleachers and with everyone who would pay attention to her!
Tumwater won 3-2! GO T-BIRDs!!!

I just died again. She is gorgeous. Forget Daddy having the shotgun, Momma's gonna have the shotgun in her lap next to her crocheting when any boy shows up. (crocheting?.. momma? ..whatever!)

I'm on day 3 of Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. I ache. I'm tired and I hate that stupid lady. But I feel amazing at the same time. I still dont have any hand weights. I've been using canned food. It works just as well and is cheaper. Maybe I'll pick some up at goodwill or a yardsale. For now. Mandarin and Refried Beans work GReAT!
**Please excuse Blogger for being a complete retard. I dont know why everything is scattered all whacky! Oh well. Atleast there are pictures here.


The Juenemanns said...

Such a pretty little princess :)

Suzanne said...

She is just so cute! I would get nothing done around her because I would be so busy hugging and kissing those sweet cheeks:-)
I'm new to the 30 day shred too. I seriously thought I tore all ,my muscles, that's how bad I hurt. I heard it works though so I'll stick with it!

Anonymous said...

Blogger is a complete retard HAHAHAHA! ;) Now I'm off to Google Jillian Michales...hmmm