Monday, April 6, 2009

happenings :)

Spring has suprised us with 2 beautiful sunny and warm days! It has just been soo gorgeous outside! It was been wonderful! I forgot how much I missed the sunshine! :) We took Olivia outside on saturday and we played in the backyard. Mike and I must not of been as fun as climbing up and down the step and playing in the crackly leaves.

Olivia got to visit her Grandma Nancy on thursday! She must of been havin a good time because everytime I called Mike, I could hear her laughing or howling in the background :) Thanks Nancy for taking care of my family! :)

It was another beautiful day yesterday and we finally got to take out the wagon Olivia got for her birthday! She loves it! She held on to the sides and loves being to look around everywhere! She ever brought along her best friends, Wally and Waddles :)
The swings weren't such a big hit this time. She must be "over" them. But she did enjoy them for a little while! Mostly, she just wanted to sort out rocks.

What have you been up too?

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megs said...

i love piggy shoes. and i love your little olive :)