Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love is in the airrrr

Happy Valentines Day!!

We had a great valentines day! I got to sleep in til 8! I know that's unheard of in my life! :) And Mike and I had a great time giving each other our gifts. Olivia got a pony and an outfit! Mike and I both got each other stuffed animals and coupons. Can you tell we are married?
I made Mike 2 things this year. I did a 52 reasons mini book! It was such a blast to put together and think up why I love him. It wasn't hard to think up ideas! :) And I made him a card from Olivia. He loved them both. I wont bore you too much, with the reasons I love my sexy hubby.
Here is one of the reasons.
Some highlights were : you brew my coffee for me in the morning.
you are so good to Olivia.
you think i'm sexy in anything but nothing is always better.
you keep me grounded.
you always kiss me like you mean it.
you know exactly when you hug me.
Basically, I have the best hubby on the planet ;)
Here is our little lovebug in her valentines outfit! She looks so cute! :) Thanks Aunty Heather for the blankie :)
We bought a rjocker glider! We got it off craigslist! It is a really nice one and I think we got it for a steal! I'm so excited for this. It will be great when Olivia is sick, and even better when we have a new baby. I'm gonna try nursing again and it will help me relax. I secretly think Mike bought it so he could relax.. just dont tell him that ;)
this is a mean face, because I was making fun of him.


megs said...

your presents are beautiful, as is your valentines girl! you guys really spoiled each other this year, but its well-deserved :)

The Juenemanns said...

What a cute little Valentine's outfit and I just saw the picture of your little princess in her tiara. Too cute!