Monday, December 22, 2008

i love charlie brown xmas!! :)

I'm sitting here, and I'm listening to pandora {online radio} and I chose Charlie Brown Christmas. And it makes my throat ache and my heart hurt. Mom, Daddy and I use to watch this together. We would sit on the bench at the end of the bed, and watch snoopy ice skate and Charlie Brown get upset that the spirit of christmas was lost, and get the cutest little tree.. Oh Charlie Brown.

We have been enjoying all the beatiful snow that we are thankfully taking in with open arms :) I bribed mother nature with sugar cookies :) It worked! We have almost a foot of snow! I love it! It makes Ellensburg beautiful! :)
Miss Olivia loves watching Daddy shovel the driveway and sidewalks. She would get excited and smile when she saw Daddy. :)

She however, hates the snow. Doesn't like being cold or her snow suit. She looks pretty dang cute in it though. We went out first with the jacket, and then she decided she hated that, so we took the jacket off and put the hat back on and she enjoyed that a little bit. The green thing in her hand, that's a parrot from the fridge and she loves it! :) We dont have an "official" lovey, but she rotates between a few different things :)

I love this one, because it looks like she is just letting the bird play in the snow. :) LOL.

I, however, cant get enough of it! It makes me almost giddy. I played in it all by myself! I wish it was more wet, because then I would have the CUTEST snowman on the planet in my front yard. Maybe in a few more days it will harden up...

We put Olivia in her crib, when we eat dinner. We give her toys and stuff to play with, but it makes dinner less stressful. Anyways, we didn't hear here when we were going to get her and we went into her room and found her like this. folded in HALF and sleeping. She is such a sweet girl... and great for storage ;)
Here is a beautiful smile that fills me with so much joy.
She had gotten brave enough to actually touch the tree. She liked this icicle, the best :) But she has recently realized there are WAY cooler ones on the tree and tries to reach for those ones.
Mike and I were lucky enough to get to go on a date friday. We went and saw Seven Pounds at the theatre. Which was a GREAT movie. One of those, you have to watch til the end to know what's going on.. And then we went to starbucks and got a peppermint mocha twist and went to look at xmas lights. These were our favorites.
that is a giant waddles with a hat! We want to steal him... or find one that looks like him. :)
Lame excuse to take a picture of my butt..

We got a new pan from Macy's for xmas. And it came in this HUGE box. So we put Olivia in it. She LOVED it :)

Sorry Martha. These were my xmas cookies this year. I'm also making chocolate covered peanut butter balls, monster cookies, and frozen cookie dough batter :)

That's it for now. The snow has finally stopped. Thank goodness. It needs to hold off til Heather and Milo get here! :) There is a storm coming wednesday. All my life, I've wanted a white christmas. Living in Oly, it didn't happen. Now, I think i will get my wish. :)

God Bless on this joyous holiday.

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megs said...

close the box and ship her to me! you know my address!! i love that she's folded in half sleeping. it's up there with spaghetti sauce face and t-rex :) and it looks like she's got full control of the remote, which is the way it should be ;)