Sunday, September 28, 2008

Seriously blogger?!

I had THIS great post to remind my hubby of why I love him. {Like he doesn't know!} Of course, it didn't post. Blogger is here to spite me.

Happy Birthday my sweet, gorgeous Husband! ;)

29 Reasons Why I Love Michael.

1. He gives the best hugs!
2. He will stay up late, even when he has to work, so that I can talk to him about my day.
3. He treats me like a princess.
4. He's so good to Olivia, and she loves her Daddy.
5. He tickles me, even though I say I hate it.
6. He puts up with my constant picture taking, and making him "re-do" cute moments.
7. He'll walk down every aisle of the grocery store, even if we just need milk.
8. He is so smart and gets fired up about his beliefs.
9. He will call duing the day and sing to my voicemail to make me laugh.
10. He will do anything for a friend, no matter what it is.
11. The way he gets excited about little things, like planning, or money saving.
12. He is constantly encouraging me to do better
13. He actually LIKES to do dishes ;)
14. The way he gets Olivia squeeling, and laughing
15. He puts up with my clutter.
16. The way he just rolls his eyes when I say "I neeeeed this!"
17. He bought me pink gerber daisy's when I got off work.
18. I can tell what he is thinking, by just looking at him.
19. How sometimes when we are together in a crowded room, he is the only one there.
20. He knows me.
21. The way he dances around the room, and shakes his butt ;)
22. He tries to raise his eyebrow and makes a hilarious face
23. He reminds me to take my vitamins.
24. On his days off, he will make a pot of coffee before I get up.
25. The way he "fight" and he says "Oh, now you are being dramatic"
26. He will do anything, if I look at him just right.
27. His is my sunshine
28. He gave me a beautiful daughter, and even said he wanted more babies!!
29. My other half, and my best friend!

I LOVE YOU BABY!!!!!!!!!!!

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