Sunday, September 14, 2008

I should be:

01. Picking up the living room
02. Cleaning up the rest of the kitchen

03. Scrapbooking Olivia's pages
04. Unloading the dishwasher
05. Putting up pictures
But nah. I would rather drink coffee and blog.

Aren't you jealous you dont have 4 clothes line of pink??

It's been really crazy around here. So crazy that I feel like I dont catch up on anything. Mike and I have been exausted trying to keep up with our little crawling bug. She has been pulling herself up on the coffee table, the couch, on us. Anyone want to babysit so Mike and I can relax for 10 minutes? :)

But in all honesty. I'm so excited for her excelling in everything that she is doing. She is becoming a big girl. I cant help but want to pull her in close for a good hug. She still is curious and brave and I love it. A few days ago, she even LET GO of the coffee table to try and stand. She fell down, but she didn't cry. She only looked up at us and the look on her face said, "It's okay Mom, dont worry I'll try again"

She loves to play outside. And take walks with us. She loves going to the grocery store too. Sometimes, if she is being too much of a nut, we will browse Fred Meyers until she gets sleepy. She is so alert in the stores. I think it's awesome.

the only real reason for this picture is because, she is doing the "rock on" symbol and she has that "look" too. My sweet girl is a rocker! :) Gretchen would be so proud. lol

Mike and I went to the Wind Farm on thursday. We had a great time. Olivia was getting sleepy and antsy so it was a little rushed. But it was still a cool site to see. You dont realize how HUGE the wind turbines are, until you go up to them. They make the coolest noise too! They had a blade that was outside the station that you could look at how it was made and how LARGE it really was. We sat Olivia on it, and for some reason she got the giggles and was smiling like crazy!

See the black speck down there? That's Mike. And this is the giant BLADE!

Olivia sitting on the giant blade

Daddy teaching her about wind energyWhich is good, because she LOVES the wind.

Olivia also, has been enjoying her "bike" that our friend Felisha gave her. She can almost get it to go with her feet but her legs aren't long enough. Maybe Lydia and her can be the next "Insert cool motocross name here" ;) {Good idea, Huh Heather?? :)}

I tried to take some cute photo's of her like her 1 month old picture, but things change when your daughter can actually MOVE. LOL. She was all over the place. I made her this flower bow for her headband. {easy! a bunch of flowers, a cute polka dot brad, a headband} And tried to get some good black and white shots. Good? yea right! but they all turned out pretty good. These were my top 3 :)

I found a Johnny Jumper at a garage sale yesterday! Yes! 3 bucks! I knew that if I waited long enough that I would get one :) She seems like it, but our house is lacking door jams. She can have it in her room or ours. :)

That's all for now. Olivia is getting fussy and i'm out of coffee :) Have a great weekend!

God Bless!



The Juenemanns said...

I feel your pain with trying to get pictures and Lydia isn't nearly as mobile as Olivia. I think they turned out good though. Have you talked to Mikey about her future moto career? I'm not sure he'll be game for it :), but it looks like she sure has her little car figured out.

megs said...

the second b&w is my favorite :) i love how creative you have much to teach me <3