Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Where the heart is

**Photographed by Lil' Rob. EEEK

My Parent's house. I love it there. The chaos, the fast paced atmosphere. I forget how much I have grown when I am there. And how the only thing that matters are morning talks with Mom, great big hugs from Daddy and the late night gab-fest with my sister. I miss it already.

My sister got to come over! I miss her. I miss how our laughs are in sinc and exactly the same. I cant get over how beautiful she is and how amazing of a mother she is to Lil' Rob. She was so cute when she was playing with Olivia. She had the biggest grin on her face when Olivia gave her a smile. It was so great! Olivia just loved her. She must remind Mel of me, she didnt even fuss a single bit! Hopefully my sister will be able to even out her thyroid so she can have more babies!! I need more then one nephew! :) :) :)

It was good to have us all together. On monday night, the whole family had dinner together. Sittin around the table, like we use too. It was a little surreal! I am sure Mom and Daddy were just lovin' it. We all laughed so much. Dad had his usual political stance on everything and told me I needed to be deprogrammed for being "too green" LoL! My brother commented that I didn't eat enough MEAT! [bleeeh!] and my sister and I just laughed. Like always. I love my family. Through the rough times and through the laughs and smiles. They really are all wonderful. I cant get enough of them. We still all fight and bicker [the REAL smith way.. ] but who doesn't. And it makes it alot more fun!

My brother, bless his heart. He is so great now. He loves Olivia. He loves Rob. He is the uncle that will overload Olivia on sweets and play video games with her. But I dont think I would have any other way. He is so much more fun now. He isn't grumpy like he use to be and he actually wanted to play Mario Kart with me! How cool!!! He still kicks my butt at video games but oh well! :) I still LOVED hanging out with him. He has an intensity about life that I hope he keeps. I just pray that he finds someone to love and to cherish and that one day he will get married and know true love.

By the end of the night, I think we were all in a pretty good mood. :) My sister and I ended up with underwear [clean and new] on our heads, that were my nephews! They were transformers and WAY too cool to keep in the packaging! We made Olivia get in on the action, and the whole time she gave us the "look'' that we were CrAzY! LOL!

I miss them. But I am glad to be back home with Mike. I missed him SO SO much. Before I had to go to work, we just layed on the couch. I layed on his lap and just stared at him. I'm sure he thought I was nuts. I just miss him and his kisses and that gorgeous smile. :)

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